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Reddit dating in church

Reddit dating in church

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So, I'm a 24 year old guy who's been in the church my whole life, and I'm starting to get frustrated with trying to find a SO in the church. I don't think I really define. As a young christian male I was interested in how dating worked in other churches. I've never dated before and my church doesn't really have rules or guidelines. She prayed through it and got back and said 'I don't have peace about dating you' I guess I just finally understand the frustration of single guys in the church. The Christians I know are expected to raise families. If they won't or they can't, as far as many church-goers are concerned, there must be something very wrong. How would Jesus date? And if the gender ratio is so out of whack, with 80% women at the church vs. 20% guys or something, isn't this.

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