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Dating a guy who has more money

Dating a guy who has more money

Relationship coach Shula Melamed emphasizes how difficult it can be to have conversations about financial concerns. If they're unhappy, you might want to start by encouraging them to find work that helps them feel more inspired, or to advocate for more responsibility and creative freedom at their current company.

If you find yourself struggling internally dating a guy who has more money your partner's money situation and want to move past it, start by examining your own perspective. Do you need to know the other person has earning potential in the future?

If you think your partner might be feeling uncomfortable with the money imbalance, provide a voice of love and approval. If they like their work but hope to be making more, you can also help. The more you talk about finances as a couple, the more natural it will start to feel.

It's easy to think of hooking up with someone well-off as a form of redistributive justice, but you need to be honest about where the power lies. Earning more money than most of the men that I've dated has complicated my relationships and made it difficult to find lasting love. If I dated a guy with more money than me, I would struggle to not be judgmental about things that I saw as a waste of money and I'd struggle with letting him into.

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